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    ART consists of multi-disciplinary visionaries who in partnership with proven business leaders are developing superior solutions. The ART Zajac Engine helps solve the dual challenges of energy needs and environmental improvements. By virtue of its ability to operate on any liquid fuel, its increased efficiency, and lack of emissions, the ART Zajac Engine presents the most significant breakthrough in fuel burning engines. The benefits of the ART Zajac Engine extends to its users, development partners and investors.

    Company Profile
      Since acquiring the ART Zajac Engine as part of the ART Total Solution Program, development has added to its San Jose, California lab by opening an ART testing facility in Port Jervis, New York. With equal parts of technical innovation and business acumen, the ART Zajac Engine team has focused on the design and development of patents, pending patents and component testing operations.

      The ART Zajac Engine boasts a minimum of 25% greater fuel efficiency, while running on any gas or liquid fuel. It emits virtually no pollutants. Its zero emissions, even if it runs without using catalytic converters or after treatment to burn off unspent fuel, has been verified by the State of California.
    Recent Advances
      Technical advances in material science, system control, and variable valve timing have made it possible to move The ART Zajac Engine design from concept to a reality. At the same time, economic and geopolitical changes—rising fuel prices, concern for the environment, and new government emissions regulations—have emerged as powerful incentives to bring this solution to market as soon as possible.

      There are successfully developed feasibility models and subsystems that validate the core ART Zajac technology and its benefits. The advanced valving system, in conjunction with the ART Zajac Engine design, will substantially improve efficiency over existing diesel engine technology.
    Technology Partnerships
      While ART’s mission focuses initially on fixed-engine generators or gen sets, the more expansive worldwide internal combustion engine market represents a $400 billion market. The ART Zajac Engine design allows for a reduction in pollution mitigating components, because the ART Zajac Engine is built onto current engine blocks, thus making it a complementary addition as opposed to a wholesale redesign. The ART Zajac Engine’s high fuel efficiency, non-polluting, and fuel independence makes it a game-changing technological breakthrough. ART envisions future opportunities for expanding into the transportation market, including autos, trucks, ships, and military vehicles.
    Technology Licensing
      ART will remain focused on its core business of transforming waste into revenue. However, the ART Zajac Engine will be licensed to qualified manufacturing partners who will produce and sell the Engine for their lines of trucks, cars, off road vehicles and generators.

      Those who license this technology as early adopters will bring the Engine’s economic and environmental benefits to their customer base and gain the resulting competitive advantage and increased market share.

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