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Advanced Resilient Technology Ltd. (ART) is an international technology development company headquartered in the Isle of Man. We are developing resilient solutions that use biomass (nontoxic organic waste) to generate energy in the form of electricity and heat, as well as Biochar, activated carbon, and other valuable by-products. Using time-honored technology in combination with our proprietary technology for advanced, high-efficiency engines and other equipment, we thermally convert biomass from a wide range of waste sources.

Transforming Organic Waste Into Usable Resources

    For those who need to dispose of these types of organic waste, ART’s extra-high-efficiency, nonpolluting systems offer the opportunity to save significantly on the traditional costs of elimination, while also generating substantial revenues from the resulting products—and to do so in a way that is 100% environmentally sustainable. Our distributed systems are located close to the sources of biomass, eliminating the need to pay tipping fees to dispose of waste, or to pay the costs of transporting it to a centralized system, in vehicles running on polluting fossil fuels.

    The Importance of Biochar
      For those who need Biochar and other by-products for industrial, agricultural, consumer, and public sector applications, ART can reliably provide them, along with the expertise needed to optimize the use of these ecologically and economically beneficial products. Many applications of our Biochar provide carbon sequestration, or at least the storage of carbon, via Biochar’s adsorptive properties.
      ART is made up of an international team of experts in innovation, from disciplines including Biochar; plasma science; automotive engineering; industrial fabrication; venture development; and business management. Our knowledge and skills position us as one of the leading companies in the biomass sector.
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