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Financial Opportunites for the Zajac Engine

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ART's Tremendous Opportunities

    Truly worthwhile investment opportunities are rare. For more than 125 years gasoline and diesel engines have improved by mechanical refinements. Never before has there been a chemical combustion breakthrough. The advent of the ART Zajac Engine is possible today in part because of advancements made in ceramic materials and space-age technology.

    For those investors with the motivation, expertise and foresight to see the potential impact of the ART Zajac Engine, there is an additional opportunity to engage with ART. As more and more innovations arise to transform waste into resources, and as fuel production continues to intensify, there is ample reason to sponsor an engine technology capable of complementing the variety of synthetic fuel producers. The ART Zajac Engine design is a technology for which demand is growing, the timing is perfect, and investment opportunities are impressive.

    The Markets
      The worldwide internal combustion engine market represents a $400 billion opportunity. In the United States, the $12.7 billion Diesel engine market is projected to grow at 7-10% per year (Source: The Freedonia group). Both of these vast markets are prospects for utilization of the ART Zajac Engine technology. To facilitate acceptance and to speed manufacturing implementation by technology partners, the ART Zajac Engine design uses an industry standard Diesel engine block, plus a redesigned engine head.
    The Need
      These markets are badly in need of a solution to growing challenges, including rising fuel costs, diminishing global resources, high development costs associated with meeting EPA emissions standards, pressure from consumers for a “green” solution, and manufacturers' need for a competitive edge in the transportation industry. ART’s Zajac Engine has the ability to eliminate these issues—like no other solution available today—thus creating a very compelling business prospect.
    The Timing
      Given the vast market, keen demand, and ability to utilize existing infrastructure, ART anticipates a rapid implementation of this revolutionary technology, and outstanding returns to those who invest on the ground floor. We invite you to be a part of this exciting and important opportunity.
    ART Zajac Engine Financial Partners stand to gain:
      •     A unique, ground floor investment in unmatched technology
      •    Prospect for impressive returns on market adoption
      •    Support of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives
      •    Broad reaching financial impact in a billion-dollar market

                                             (Source: The Freedonia group.)
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