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Triple Bottom Line

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Delivering Win-Win-Win Solutions

ART delivers a triple bottom line by generating generous financial returns, supplying significant social benefits, and yielding essential environmental improvements with a business platform that revolutionizes waste solutions.

ART partners with local hosting facilities and creates well-paying local jobs.

ART improves environmental conditions with beneficial outputs. ART shares the wealth by splitting profits with its partners and supports local economies.

ART returns generous profits to its owners, partners and investors.

ART invests in local healthcare and education in the communities where systems operate.

ART transforms waste into usable products, which it sells in high demand markets. This benefits communities in multiple ways: environmentally, economically, and socially. Environmentally, ART relieves the burden on overtaxed landfills. It lessens the need for transporting gARTage to remote locations. It improves water conditions by removing contaminants. Economically, ART creates local partnerships with properly permitted companies for deploying its processing systems. These non-polluting systems provide multiple well-paying jobs. They reduce the cost of waste processing and bring back local control of waste management. And by collecting and repurposing usable elements, ART brings new value to the community. Socially, the positive impact on cleaning environmental issues improves the health of people, animals, and land. New jobs and resources expand opportunities in the area.

The Business Breakthrough

Two formerly unmet challenges of the char business model solved by ART are to ensure production volume and verifiable compositional integrity for its chars. ART establishes partnership relationships to guarantee future delivery capacities, and to be able to satisfy the off-take market demands for Elemental Char™ and Formulated Char™. Long-term agreements require consistent quality, consistent deliverability, and consistent quantities of specific chars to meet customers’ needs.

Win - Win - Win: The True Triple Bottom Line
    ART works with joint ventures rather than being brokers of char. Partnership relationships ensure that ART maintains control of the quality and consistency of its chars: the essential requirement for establishing long-term off-take agreements. ART has put together a core management team of engineers, inventors, scientists, and business professionals who have collaborated to create a triple bottom line business to deliver a wealth of generous financial returns, significant social benefits, and essential environmental improvements. ART'S transformative business platform does all this by turning waste into resources.
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Triple Bottom Line