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The ART Zajac Motor difference:

The world’s most elegant and efficient solutions are often surprisingly straight-forward. This is the case with the ART Zajac Engine technology—it’s simply a matter of looking at timing and temperature in a new way.

Before we take a step-by-step walk through how the ART Zajac Engine works, here’s a brief overview of why no traditional engine can compare with it.


A standard internal combustion engine must perform five functions simultaneously—and all in one physical place.

•     Take in air
•     Compress it
•     Mix and burn the air-fuel mixture
•     Expand it
•     Exhaust the gas

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All of these processes must take place within 1/25 second @ 3000 RPM, which means that a standard engine’s actual burn-time occurs in less than 1/100 of a second. As you might imagine, this is an extremely difficult scenario to synchronize for maximum efficiency.

ART Zajac technology takes a new – and much better – approach, by performing these same five functions in three distinct physical areas
•     Intake Cylinder:
o         Functions: Intake and compression are controlled here. Precise valve timing controls maintain constant compression ratio.
o         Benefits: Produces superior efficiency at all loads and engine speeds.
•     Separate Combustion Chamber:
o         Functions: Air and fuel mixing, igniting, burning, and expanding take place in this separate energy storage chamber, where constant-pressure and constant-temperature are controlled. A complete burn is not possible in a piston chamber.
o         Benefits: Results in complete combustion, eliminating pollutants.
•     Power and Exhaust Cylinder
o         Functions: The power and exhaust strokes are controlled here.
o         Benefits: Extracts the maximum amount of energy available, significantly increasing fuel efficiency and reducing noise.

Separation of compression, combustion, and power functions is a key design element of the ART Zajac Engine technology. It enables greater monitoring and adjustment of the air fuel mixture, the pressure, and the temperature settings in each step of the Engine’s cycle. As a result, each engine function is carried out at its maximum efficiency, unencumbered by any impact of other engine cycle requirements.

Separation of the compression, combustion, and power functions is a key design element of the Zajac technology, which leads to maximum engine efficiency and virtually no pollutants.

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