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Where to Use The ART Zajac Engine

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Ideal applications for The Universal Zajac Engine

                        •     Power generators
                        •     Trucks and automobiles
                        •     Hybrid vehicles
                        •     Military and off-road vehicles
                        •     Marine craft

    Power generators
      ART’s implementation of the ART Zajac Engine will begin with its use as a generator. Since one of the byproducts of char production is synthetic gas, generating electricity on site for system usage is a perfect fit. A fixed engine running at steady RPMs is an optimal place to introduce the ART Zajac Engine.

      With its heightened efficiency and output, the ART Zajac Engine makes sense. Most people would prefer not to run a traditional power generator in a small or private space because of the noise and exhaust fumes it produces, and the Total Combustion technology of ART’s Zajac Engine eliminates these issues.

      The ART Zajac Engine’s ability to run on any non-solid fuel provides great options for anyone in an emergency situation. Alternate fuel options include any grade gasoline, kerosene, alcohol, Diesel fuel, jet fuel, heating oil, even vegetable oil, propane and natural gas; and all run with equal efficiency in the ART Zajac Engine without polluting the air. The engine produces no unpleasant odors and is quiet running, presenting a clear advantage in confined quarters. These benefits are also appealing to those seeking a quiet, versatile, “green” power source for Eco Lodges in remote locations.
    Step 2: Diesel trucks and cars
      The ART Zajac Engine's head parts are compatible with any standard Diesel engine block. Today’s Diesel engine manufacturers can adopt and integrate this new technology with minimal manufacturing and retooling costs.

      Diesel-powered trucks and cars face the same inadequacies as traditional Diesel engines: they are notoriously loud, do not start easily in cold weather, are not fuel-efficient at partial load or idling, are strictly bound to a Diesel fuel source, and do not meet the EPA’s planned emissions standards.
      It’s hard to imagine an engine technology that integrates more seamlessly with a hybrid vehicle than the ART Zajac Total Combustion Engine. Paired with electric power, an ART Zajac Total Combustion Engine-enabled hybrid engine is quiet running, highly efficient and virtually non-polluting. Manufacturers who are keen to offer an environmentally friendly alternative vehicle could not find a better “pony engine” than one using the ART Zajac Total Combustion Engine technology.

      The ART Zajac Total Combustion Engine technology provides an increase in fuel efficiency that is over 50% higher than any existing gasoline engine. This efficiency increase is a natural fit with hybrid electric vehicles, but when the technology is used as a pneumatic hybrid an additional 65% efficiency increase can be realized for urban driving. This produces an amazing 150% increase in fuel efficiency and allows a gasoline engine to travel two and a half times as far on a gallon of gas in city driving.
    Military and off-road applications
      The ability to run quietly and on any non-solid fuel makes the ART Zajac Engine's Total Combustion Technology a natural fit for military and off-road applications. The fully expanded exhaust gases are cooler and have a significantly reduced heat signature than that of a traditional engine, making an engine using the ART Zajac Total Combustion Technology more difficult to detect and track —a significant and life-saving advantage in a military operation. Being able to “fill up” from home heating oil, gasoline in cities, and oil wells in the desert is a key advantage in maintaining advances.
    Marine craft
      For vehicles that run on lakes, rivers and oceans, the ART Zajac Total Combustion Technology offers many benefits. It is non-polluting, highly versatile, and has the ability to accommodate a wide variety of fuel options for running the engine.

      Most of today’s marine engines are either gasoline or Diesel-based, which presents many drawbacks. Gasoline presents a safety concern, as volatile vapors below deck are an explosion and fire hazard. Diesel engines are safer, but because they are not run as continuously as land engines, they can be difficult to start and in need of frequent repair. The ART Zajac Engine's Total Combustion Technology makes Diesel-based marine engines safer and more reliable, with easy starting operation and no moisture absorbing fuel condensing on engine parts, which avoids cylinder corrosion and expensive engine overhauling. The ART Zajac Engine also provides boaters a significant reduction in noise and exhaust odors.

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