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The ART Zajac Engine

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The ART Zajac Total Combustion Technology makes engines more efficient and eliminates virtually all pollutants. It transforms internal combustion engines into highly efficient, non-polluting solutions for power generation and transportation. The ART Zajac Engines are biofuel ready and run on any liquid or gaseous hydrocarbon fuel—even unrefined crude oil.

The ART Zajac Engine runs more quietly, cooler, and simpler than other engines by burning fuel completely. It operates at a constant temperature, with constant compression, and constant torque. Other improvements are quieting exhaust sound, eliminating tailpipe smoke, and cutting out the need for after-treatments such as catalytic converters.

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Benefits of Total Combustion Technology

       •     Delivers more than 50% better fuel efficiency than gasoline or diesel engines and pneumatic hybrid technology
       •    Adds an additional 65% in fuel efficiency when used as a pneumatic hybrid for a combined fuel efficiency of 150%
       •    Burns fuel completely
       •    Runs on any liquid or gaseous hydrocarbon fuel including current or future biofuels
       •    Is virtually non-polluting without costly after-treatments

                                                                  Click on this link to watch a video of the ART Zajac Engine.

                                                               Click on this link to watch a lab test of the ART Zajac Engine in operation.

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